A Winter Garden: Lavender and Wisteria for your Conservatory

Some people get rather down over the winter months: with the lack of sunshine, the cooler temperatures, and frosty weather out-of-doors, many people just want to curl up in cosy blankets and grump until the spring thaw hits. Instead of fighting against winter, it’s possible to embrace the cooler hues of the season and transform a space into an ethereal winter garden that’s both elegant and inspiring. With “cooler”, blue-based shades such as wisteria, lavender, and periwinkle, one can capture all the beauty of the outside world in a room that brims with aspects normally enjoyed in summertime: bright lights, colourful flowers, and the sense of well-being and joy that these sights inspire.

The ideal place for a winter garden room is, of course, a conservatory or solarium. With their enormous windows, they not only allow in the most light during short winter days, but also allow one to gaze up at the stars once the sun sets. Even though wintertime can be bleak and blustery, there is great beauty there as well, and sitting in comfort and surrounded by beauty whilst watching snowflakes drift down past your window is a sweet, lovely pleasure indeed.

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If you already have conservatory furniture that you’re rather in love with, then you can add accessories in your chosen hues by way of fabrics and wallpaper. A subtle wisteria or lilac floral pattern on the walls in between windows adds colour and texture to them, while solid cushions and throw pillows in complementary hues keep the palette going, and have the additional benefit of helping to create a cozy little nest where you can curl up and read. Forced bulbs or fresh-cut flowers in pretty vases contribute natural scents to the space, or you could go for oil diffusers/room sprays in lavender or lilac for some uplifting aromatherapy.

For wall décor consider pressed flowers or framed flower photographs to build on the “garden” theme of the room. Try to ensure that there are whispers of green in among the blue-purple tones for a bit of vibrancy and balance, and feel free to be creative as far as decorations go: plain glass Christmas ornaments filled with silk flowers or potpourri and hung at varying heights around the room would add an almost faerie-like feel to the space, while small sculptures or curio cabinets full of natural wonders (milkweed pods, seashells, bird’s nests, etc.) add whimsy and that extra nod to the outdoors.

Sparkling chandeliers and crystal candlesticks bring the glittering magic of the winter-scape indoors, but balance that coolness with the warm glow of candle flame or soft lightbulbs. Add in a lush carpet or area rug to keep toes warm and insulate against any chill seeping up through floorboards, and you’ll have a toasty, glorious winter garden room to escape to for some soul-nourishing beauty and replenishment.

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