Arranging Portable Bathrooms for Weddings

When we hold events like wedding parties, we need to make sure that everybody in attendance will feel happy and comfortable while they are here on this special day. To make sure all of that happens we also need to make sure that we give them the best service. Not just great drinks, food, and beverages, but we need to also make sure that we comply all of their needs. One of the things that we should not take for granted are arranging portable bathrooms for weddings so the guests will be 100% served.

There a few things about portable bathrooms for weddings that we need to make sure of. They need to be arranged perfectly to make sure that they meet all of the people attending needs, such as:

How arrange portable bathrooms for weddings

There are a few types of portable bathrooms for weddings available so we need to make sure that we get the right portable toilets for our party. The most common one would be an ordinary toilet that does not flush and it will contain just one toilet inside the bathroom. If we rent it, this may be the cheapest option available, but we do not recommend these toilets because it will look like some public portable toilet that we often see in the street or at some construction sites. The second one might be the enhance version of portable toilet that may be good to be used in a wedding and even on a tight budget. This enhanced version of a toilet that could flush, has a sink, mirror, and a light so it will be much more comfortable to be used compared to the first type. The last one is the deluxe type that we could rent if we have larger budget because of the pricy renting cost. The size of this deluxe portable bathroom is larger than the size of the ordinary portable toilets and has almost everything that we are used to in an ordinary bathroom. The last type that we should not forget is the wheelchair portable toilet that could be use by handicap people; we need to make sure that we have this type of portable toilet if we have someone in attendance with a wheel chair. With many types of portable toilets we need to make sure that we have all of the correct types to assure that our guests will have a great time at our wedding party!

How many portable bathrooms for weddings do we need?

After we know the type of portable bathrooms for weddings , next we need to make sure that we have the right number of portable toilet at our wedding party. To determine the number of portable toilets we need, firstly we need to know how many people will attend our wedding party, and then we could roughly decide two toilets for every one hundred in attendance(with a 2 bathroom minimum. We need to also make sure that we have much more toilets dedicated for women rather than men because women have the frequency to urinate more often than men. Parties with under 100 people can usually get by with having one to two bathrooms.

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