Get The Best Caulking Gun For Your Project

A caulking gun is a tool for filling and sealing cracks. Manufacturers made up of 2 parts, which are: the frame and the caulking tube that is loaded into the frame.

They are generally used to seal surfaces around windows, doors, bathtubs, etc.

It is easy to use a gun; when you learn how to load the tube into the frame, you are ready to go. If you want to know which the best caulking gun is for each project, you are in the right place.

Manufacturers made these high resistance steel tools. It has a trigger and a grip to avoid hand fatigue. They are durable and resistant to corrosion; you can be sure it will last for years.

These caulking guns aim to add a drop of caulking to fill the joints between 2 surfaces. Most of these tools in use today are manual, which means you must pull the trigger to use the sealant.

To find the ideal gun, you must first know the type of sealant you want to apply. There are many models on the market, but if you want to know which the best caulking gun is for your project, you should read on.

The 6 Best Caulking Guns

  1. Best Overall Gun: Newborn 930-GTD Crib Non-Drip Smooth Hex Rod Caulking Gun

In this model, the smooth rod retracts after the grip hand trigger is released. This prevents excess caulking from leaking. Due to its characteristics, experts considered this tool to be the best caulking gun on the market.

It is a half-barrel caulking gun, which is also known as a cradle. It has a pressure rod that does not need much force and is quieter than ratchet-type pressure rods. For added comfort, the trigger and handle are padded.

It is an easy-to-use gun and has a 10: 1 ratio, you can dispense light to medium viscosity caulking. It’s great for silicone and latex; All DIY experts are fond of the hand trigger so smooth this gun has.

Also, it features drip-free technology and also includes a built-in seal piercing tool, a practical hanging hook, a cutting tool.

It has a thermoplastic comfort grip and is made of steel. It also has a welded plate on the back that allows the cartridge to stay in place. With the ladder hook, you will have more security; it is a durable and comfortable tool.

  1. Best Value Gun: Newborn 188 Ratchet Bar Crib Caulking Gun

Many times it is not necessary to invest a large amount of money to do occasional caulking work. If you need it to seal a small space between the wall and the bathtub, you can use this model.


The Newborn 188 caulking gun has the best price on the market and is of excellent quality. It comes with traditional ratchet rod technology. It also has a built-in pin that allows the seal to be drilled into the caulking tube.

It has a 6: 1 thrust ratio, which means it serves to dispense low-viscosity sealants. Also, it comes with a built-in cutter that allows you to cut the tip of the tube.

The ratchet-style pressure bar has teeth that allow you to hold the bar in place after pulling the trigger, thus minimizing dripping. It comes with a built-in hook on the back for hanging on the ladder. It is perfect for 10 oz caulking tubes.

The Newborn Brothers Company, Inc. brand specializes in manufacturing adhesive and sealant dispensers as well as accessories. It has been on the market since 1974.

  1. Best Corner Caulking Gun: Newborn 250 Smooth Rod Rotary Rack Caulking Gun

The Newborn 250 Super Smooth Rod Rotary Frame offers comfortable corner caulking. It should not start and stop, only rotate the barrel. The angled tip of the tube will rotate from the correct position.

This is a tool made of strong and durable material; it has a zinc alloy handle that prevents corrosion. It has a strong 18: 1 thrust ratio for use with medium viscosity caulking. It is perfect for acrylic, butyl, asphalt, adhesives, and cement.

People considered the best caulking gun to work in corners and tight places. It is a tool that has quality construction; that is why it is the favorite of many.

It has a soft push rod that needs less force and is a quiet tool than those with ratchet type pushrods. They come with a zinc handle and trigger that provides corrosion resistance.

It comes with a seal puncture tool and a nozzle cutter that has into the side of the gun to open cartridges. If you are looking for a gun to seal only in small spaces, the Newborn 250 Super Smooth will be your best choice.

  1. Best Gun for Salter: Steel Dispensing Caulking Gun for PC Products

This caulking gun features a 26: 1 thrust that allows you to dispense thick sealants. It is perfect for people to use it with any type of sealant or caulk. If you need to use a high viscosity sealer such as concrete and epoxy, this will be the tool you need.

It has a smooth rod and a thumb release that prevents dripping, thus taking advantage of more products and not wasting it. All DIY experts recommend it because manufacturers made of high-quality steel.

This is a PC steel dispensing tool and is lime green in color. It comes with a ladder hook for ease of use; it is a product made in Taiwan.


PC products have been in the market for 60 years, offering quality repair products;  John (Jack) Long founded in 1954. You can use them to repair anything you need; you can restore wood and concrete without a problem.

If you need a caulking gun for use with various types of sealants, you should choose this model.

  1. Best Heavy Duty Gun: Newborn Round Rod Sausage Gun with Aluminum Barrel

The sausage caulking gun has 18: 1 ratio that allows you to handle light to viscosity sealants. This gun comes in black color that makes it very elegant, and it is a strong and durable material.

It has three cones that are sausage cup, double hytrel cup, and conical ejector. Also, it includes dispensing tips and a ring catcher to hold the cones in place.

It also has a thumb plate that allows easy release, its heat-treated rod that offers longer life. This Black Barreled 20 oz model is the best option you will find on the market; it is as good as the most expensive sausage guns.

If you do not want of the standard gray / silver barrel sausage gun, you can get this black model. It is perfect for jobs where you need to use various types of materials without mixing. You can customize any space by adding labels and stickers.

  1. Best Update: Chicago CP9885 Pneumatic Caulking Gun

This model is perfect for building cabinets in your workshop or for sealing a window; you can do the job without much effort. You’ll be happy to use caulking with this Chicago pneumatic model.

It is a tool that makes work easier and is very versatile; you can use it with light viscosity and heavy viscosity caulking. The Chicago CP9885 Pneumatic Caulking Gun will allow you to seal joints in wood, glass, composites, rubber, and plastic materials.

It features a controlled material flow dispenser and allows standard 2 “x 8-1 / 2” cartridges. It is easy to handle and will save you work time; this Chicago pneumatic pistol will be an excellent choice.

Tips and recommendations

As you can see, there are many models, and many times, you can feel overwhelmed by not knowing which one to choose. But with the list above, you can get an idea of ​​the best caulking guns on the market right now. These tips and considerations will help you choose the best caulking gun.

  • Look at the rod

You should check the rod, pressing the manual trigger on a pistol of this style forces a rod into the back of the caulking tube. 2 types of rods vary according to their performance, you can find:

Ratchet Rod: Caulking guns that have ratchet rods or toothed rods. They are cheaper, and people can use it for light projects. The problem with these types of guns is that the sealant keeps leaking until the end of the rod twists and is pulled back.

With this model, you can waste a lot of products and cause a disaster, but as mentioned, it is a cheaper tool.

Smooth Rod: This type of gun is usually advertised as drip-free. On this model, you will need to squeeze the thumb lever to release the pressure on the caulk or sealant.

  • Get the right push ratio

When looking for a caulking gun, you should look for a proper thrust ratio for the sealant you are going to use. This way, you will know if you can use a sealer that has a light, medium, or heavy and thick viscosity.

When it comes to the thrust ratio, it refers to the amount of force that people generated each time the gun trigger is pulled. The higher the ratio, the more force must be exerted each time it is tightened. The thrust ratio varies and ranges from: 3: 1 to 28: 1; the type of sealant that can be used will depend on this.

People can use Lower thrust ratio guns on thin sealant or caulk types. They are perfect to use with water-based latex, with silicone, etc.

Guns with a higher thrust ratio can dispense thicker or thicker sealants and caulking types, as is the case with epoxy sealants.

So this point is also very important to keep in mind, you should verify this information before buying your gun.

  • You should find a rotating frame to caulk the corners

Stopping and starting many times while working can cause bumps and lumps that will not look good. Many times it is impossible to run a string that is continuous around a corner. You will have to move your hand to change the position.

But if you have a rotating frame when you fold a corner, you will have to rotate the frame so you can caulk without interrupting work.

  • Save product with a sausage gun

With a sausage caulking gun, they are perfect for product saving and contain collapsible sealant cylinders. They work in the same way as the other models, whether manual or automatic, since it allows you to use every last bit of sealant so you won’t waste it.

  • You may consider a motorized caulking gun

Many times it can be annoying to be pulling the trigger; this can cause fatigue in the wrists and hands. For this reason, you can study whether a caulking gun electric is right for you; they are very popular these days because the job is easier.

They hit the market a few years ago and were only used in industrial and commercial projects. Instead, today, DIY experts use it because they have discovered the benefits they offer.

With a caulking gun electric, you can focus on getting a smooth bead while the gun is in charge of dispensing the sealant. As it does not have a manual trigger, the push ratio does not apply to this model.

But you can regulate the dispensing pressure through a light squeeze on the trigger.

  • Electric: Like all electrical products, this gun comes with a cord and must use current to use. A simple squeeze on the finger trigger will be enough to dispense the required amount of sealant.
  • Battery Powered: This model comes with removable batteries and a charger; this will allow you to use it in places where there is no electricity. It lasts about 3 hours for each charge.
  • Pneumatic: You can use this type of air caulking gun for home proj You can regulate the gun trigger and dispensing pressure, adjust the pressure on the compressor.

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