Builders of Elite Portable and Granny Flats

There is a Toowoomba based building company that provides services everywhere in Australia, as well as overseas. Allow them to build your portable dream home that is affordable, orgranny flat, business office, apartment or building. They have been in the construction of portable buildings for over 6 years and the owner of this business has been doing construction for over 30 years.

Pre-designed plans

They have plans that are pre-designed for Elite portables but they do allow clients to make multiple changes to the pre-designed plans or give clients the chance to sit down with professional staff so they can create a fully specific plan customised and make the clients dream home or building together.

Extra room

If you have always wanted some extra room around the home, somewhere for your family to live or an easy investment property, a Granny flats builder can be the best idea. However, you are probably asking what a granny flat is or why are they the up and coming thing to build?


A granny flat is defined as a fully self-contained extension to a home that is built on the same plot of land as the main home. Essentially, it is another, somewhat smaller home on your property. Most of the time, the granny flat is in the rear of the main house and it shares the backyard of the main house or has its own part of the yard fenced off. Local councils order what the biggest size of any granny flat can be – which is typically no more than about 60 square metres.

Versatile small home

The attractiveness of granny flats is they are so adaptable in terms of who can live in them. They are popular for older individual (parents and grandparents) since they are still able to maintain their independence while staying close to the family for any comfort or support they need. But, granny flats are also appropriatefor children who are probably going to move out for the very first time, or for family members or other close friends. Granny flats are also becoming quite popular investment choicesfor a homeowner to rent easily for extra income.

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