Children’s Bathroom Ideas: Choose The Best Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Children

If you are planning to re-design a bathroom for your children, you need to think creatively. In designing bathrooms for children, you will need to involve their favorite designs and characters. You might want to use a painting to blend a certain theme. During the bathroom planning process, you might want to ask your children to get involved. Here are some children’s bathroom ideas which you can apply.

The first option of children’s bathroom ideas is the dinosaur bathroom. This idea is suitable for a boy or girl who loves dinosaurs. In applying this idea, you can paint dinosaurs on one side of bathroom wall. Then create a dinosaur mural on the side. If your children have a favorite dinosaur character such as Barney, you can paint it too. For the other sides of the wall, you can simply paint those with a white color. Also hang some framed pictures of dinosaurs. You can find dinosaur-shaped footprint rugs at your favorite home design store such as HomeGoods or Marshalls. Put a rug down before hanging shower and window curtains with matching colors. Do not forget to add some dinosaur accessories like toothbrush holders and soap dishes.

Children’s Bathroom Ideas

Another popular option for children’s bathroom designs is baby ducks. Your children will be amused with this cute baby duck theme. To execute this idea, you can start by painting the walls by using a light pastel color. These colors include blue, purple, or pink. The last color is more suitable for girls. Get some framed photographs of ducks on the walls before hanging those photographs. You should also get some accessories like bright yellow towels and other duck items. Rubber ducks seem so classical but those are necessary if you are applying this theme. Get yellow rugs for the bathroom to compliment this cute design idea. You need to find some duck items from your local stores such as Target or even Wal-Mart. If this idea is not suitable for you, don’t worry because there are many other children’s bathroom ideas.

In finding other children’s bathroom ideas, you might consider getting the classic Winnie the pooh theme. Your children might be familiar with this classic pooh bear. Since Pooh is still very popular, you will be able to find many classic Pooh decor items on the market. To apply the idea, you need to paint the walls with light pastel colors which matches with one of the characters of Pooh, for example, yellow for Pooh and purple for Eeyore. After that, you can install white crown molding along the ceiling to get classic styling. You can hang yellow or white curtains on the window. Do not forget to add a yellow shower curtain. As another option, you can also get a wood stump as the stool at the counter or sink to represent the Hundred Acres Woods which is Pooh’s home. Make sure you sand down the stump so it has a soft surface which is safe for your children.

You can also consider using the deep blue sea theme as children’s bathroom ideas. In applying the theme, you can paint the walls with a medium blue or aqua color. Do not forget to paint cartoon like fish on the wall. To perform this painting task, you can use stencils or trace the outlines with pictures cut from coloring books. Get various accessories such as fish-shaped tooth brush holders and tumblers or plain accessories with glass paint. Other accessories which can be considered are blue and green aqua bath towels and hand towels.

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