Choosing the Best Gravel for Your Patio

Many homeowners want to have a patio but the designing process can be extremely overwhelming. If you look at a patio, it is just a simple area outside the house but in reality, the choice for patio material is vast which makes the process a daunting one. Some of the options include tiles, bricks, concrete, stones, pavers, and the likes. It is important to keep the patio soft looking but highly durable. A gravel is the best choice. When it comes to your gravel needs, make sure you contact TC Tippers.

There are different types of gravels to choose from and some of them are the following:

  • Self-binding

It is a fine and textured gravel with a combination of clay. The gravel can be spread evenly as it is self-binding. It is aesthetically appealing on your patio and can withstand pressure, be it a bicycle or a wheelchair. One disadvantage though is that if you walk on the gravel with your footwear just stepped on wet soil with leaves particles, there is a tendency that they will seep through the gravel making it look messy.

  • Fixed

Fixed gravel can help achieve a concrete or tarmac look. It is also available in different colors. From the look, it looks loose but is actually solid.

  • Resin bonded

It is one of the best options because it is immovable and comes with a fixed clear resin. It looks very good. However, if you are leaning towards the organic feel, then this might not be a good option. One of the disadvantages of resin bonded gravel is its expensive price tag.

The above-mentioned gravel types are just some of the available options. There is a lot more. Make sure that when you are constructing your patio or any types of construction work, you should contact the best Gravel Supplier South East QueenslandThe quality of gravel has something to do with the supplier. Choose wisely and not just base your choice on the price. More than the cost, you have to consider the durability and aesthetic appeal.

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