Comparison between Inorganic Steel Barns and Organic Wood Pole Barns

If you are planning to buy vegetables for preparing salad, then it is always better to prefer organic produce. However, for construction purpose, inorganic steel barns are the smart choice over organic wood pole barns.

Let us do a short comparison between Diamond Tough steel kit American barns and the organic wood pole barns.

  1. Variations

Organic wood is always inconsistent as the physical properties and strength of trees varies due to many different reasons. Due to this reason there can always be difference in the timber used for pole barn. On the other hand, in case of manufactured steel product it is possible to make same size, strength and pre-engineered metal barns. The quality will remain the same for each and every piece.

  1. Mold and termites

The organic wood pole can always attract mold, termites and rot and therefore it increases the cost of maintenance. Steel has no such issues. There is no need of any costly chemical treatment or maintenance needed.

  1. Moisture content

Organic material can change dramatically due to the presence of moisture. It can both expand or contract at different rates and can easily crack, bow, creep, wrap or twist. Every year you may need to do professional treatments to keep them in order. In case of the metal barns remain unaffected due to presence of humidity.

  1. Resistance to fire

Since wood is an organic material and hence it can easily burn due to fire. Even if fire occurs at a distance, the wood will become a fuel to spread the fire in the structure and in other places of the construction. With inorganic steel barn this cannot happen and it will not let the fire add further.

  1. Resistance to lighting

Organic wood is a poor conductor of electricity. Hence, if anytime lighting struck then wood barn may get ignited. As the current cannot flow from wooden material and hence it will help affect other material, animal or people living inside.

On the other hand, steel is a good conductor of electricity and hence it will quickly ground the current passing through it.

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