Create A Spooky Yard With Outdoor Halloween Decorations

When Halloween time is coming, you will need to prepare your home for the spooky Halloween event. Make sure you decorate your home to match the Halloween atmosphere. In decorating your home, you will need various Halloween decorations which you can find on the market. The decoration process is not only done for indoor areas but also outdoor areas. If you are looking for the best ideas on outdoor Halloween decorations, here are some recommendations.

The first option of outdoor Halloween decorations is the mouse motel. In making this decoration, you need to get a fresh and colorful pumpkin along with rubber mice. Get these items from craft store. Put the decoration on your front porch or walkways. You can use markers to draw circles all around the shell of the pumpkin. After that, you can cut out the holes with a keyhole saw or sharp knife. Make sure you shave the edges with scraper to get the smooth result. Fill the holes with mice. You can make some mice have their heads peeking out and show only their tails.

In finding outdoor Halloween decorations, you should consider creating hanging horrors. To make these outdoor Halloween decorations, you can create inexpensive Halloween decorations which can be hung throughout your yard. Those decorations include bats and witches. You can use black construction paper to make those creatures. Poke a small hole at the top part so you can string fishing line. Not only fishing line, but you can also use another clear string. Hang the creatures from your tree branches. To accompany those creatures, you can blow up some balloons before draping them with a lightweight white material. Tie your balloon with white string or yarn. Draw spooky faces on the balloon with markers. These outdoor Halloween decorations are not expensive and you can make them easily.

Prepare a trash bag tarantula as outdoor Halloween decorations. A spider with red eyes will make your yard look scarier and creepy. If you want to make this scary decoration, you are recommended to use large black trash bags. The first thing to do is filling the first bag with crumpled paper or leaves. Make sure you fill it well before tying the bag tightly. After that, you need to lay the bag face down. You can move to fill the second bag with slightly less material. Tape the second bag to the first bag. It will help you to form the head and body. You can put two trash bags together and roll them up. Next, you need to wrap black electrical tape around each end to make a point. You should repeat the step until you have eight legs. Attach those legs to make the joints by cutting small slits in the body before pushing the legs inside. Wrap the entire area by using more electrical tape. It is done to hold the legs in place. To complete these outdoor Halloween decorations, you need to create the eyes. Prepare red plastic cups before cutting the top part off and taping the bottom with a spider head. Prepare another cup to make the fangs. You should place the spider on a pile of dry grass.

Other outdoor Halloween decorations which you can make includes graveyards, séance, haunted mazes, and spooky entrances. Just make sure that your outdoor Halloween decorations match one another and always consider your yard size. Have a happy Halloween and good luck with your decorations!

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