Dazzling Home Color with It’s Match Sweetheart

Considering about trendy home color is not hard as long as the second color is match. Talking about dazzling color that can be applied in these years, it is not always grey, white, and black since these colors is popularly used. Other colors beside them can also beautify home with the same dazzling can be got.

Grey is the best friend of gold in home color palettes. Dominate the wall and furniture with grey. Gold will act as the additional color that will fill small items of the furniture. This can be applied for kitchen and living room. Choose grey to cover wall, kitchen cabinets, kitchen surface, and lamps. Gold will accompany in part of the furniture. Gold can act as the frame of the kitchen cabinets in each side. Also, gold can cover the inside hanging lamps that light the kitchen surface. Wood chairs can accompany the almost-same color as gold. In the living room, grey can be applied in the long sofa, paintings, floor lamp, and part of the walls in it. Don’t forget for the cushions with the same color as the sofa. Another part of the wall can be painted in white. Gold can act as the cover of side table and one cushion on the sofa. Wood floor can accompany gold items.

Next to the fresh colors which are combined perfectly, they are green and tile blue. Tile blue works as the dominant in the living room. Tile blue can mask the wall cover, sofa, and small items around. Green cushions will mask perfectly for the cushions, table lamps, and other sofa. The cushions can be patterned in both colors which are chosen. Teal blue and green are not only can act for the wall cover, but also for painting. It can be hanged on the sofa, followed by tile blue carper below it. Teal and blue tile will be great for the bathroom. Those colors can give the effect of fresh and cool as what it can be got when entering the bathtub.

Those colors will be a great choice for people who find one of those colors as the favorite. Changing home decoration is not always in fully way, but also can starts from small things, such as painting that has been said above. These colors are not always applied on the wall and carpet, but can also for home depot color.

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