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Faux Granite Countertops to Create on Your Own and Use

It is undeniable that using granite countertops is one of the best ways homeowners can resort to in decorating their kitchen and if you are a homeowner, it is undeniably a way of decorating a kitchen you will definitely have to consider resorting to as well. There are various granite countertops you can consider using in your kitchen and amongst them are faux granite countertops. The good news about using the countertops is how you can create them on your own if you consider using them in your kitchen and of course, it would not be difficult to create the countertops. To create the countertops, you can buy a regular countertop in any color and a number of items you can use in coloring the countertop to make it look like a granite countertop.

The items you have to buy if you consider creating faux granite countertops include countertop paint, acrylic paints in colors you like, and sea sponge. You might also need to get a granite countertop sample but you can get it easily online. You can also try getting countertops from Lowes if you want to create faux granite countertops lowes and the first thing you can do to create the faux countertops is cleaning the countertops and color them in a color you like using the countertop paint. After you finish coloring the countertops, use the acrylic paints to create a color combination you want to use on the base color. The color combination can include colors like grey, white, and gold or other colors you like.

After you finish creating the color combination, you can use the sea sponge you have bought earlier to touch the color combination you have created and apply it on the base color you use to color the countertops. Apply the color combination on various parts of the countertops where spots on real granite countertops usually are to make your faux granite countertops diy look like real granite countertops. In creating the countertops, however, you will have to make sure to wait two days before the countertop paint dries after you paint the countertop using the paint since it takes that long for the paint to dry. Apart from all, creating faux granite countertops is something you and other homeowners can do easily today.

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