Give New Looks To Your Home With Color Wash Painting Techniques

Painting is always known as one of the best methods to give the home a new look. In this present day, there are many techniques of painting which you can apply for your home. A popular technique which you can be apply to painting your home is known as color wash painting techniques. This painting technique has the ability to give a textured visual to your walls. Color washing is quite easy and it is mostly used in Tuscan-style homes. The technique is used to bring out the texture in the plaster wall without using thick and heavy paint. The textured result will promote variety on your wall. It will be a good option if you are looking for a new alternative for your walls.

Before applying color wash painting techniques, you might want to know that the technique is more suitable for walls which have a bit of texture. For people who have flat walls, you can add the texture with applying plaster to the wall while smoothing it down. However, you should not smooth it out completely. When it dries, you need to check the texture on your wall. The texture is needed since the glaze in the color wash will pool into the cracks and bring a more visual interest to your wall. You might want to find an example in Tuscan style homes or authentic Italian restaurants.

When the walls are ready, next you need to lay down the base coat. The base coat color should be two shades lighter than the color which you will use in the color wash painting techniques. You can use the paint charts from the paint stores or paint companies to find the best suitable colors. For the color wash technique, you should go with a dark color but the base coat should be a lighter color. The combination between the lighter and dark colors will make the technique stand out. When you are applying this method, both paints should be flat. When the base coat has dried, you can mix the glaze. You need to mix one part of flat latex paint to one part water and six parts glaze. You can find the glaze from any painting store. It is better for you to mix the combination well.

The color wash painting techniques are unique and different with other techniques due to the application process. The first thing to do is prepare a large sponge, some clean white rags, and plastic wrap. The traditional techniques of color wash painting is using rags to wash the color on the wall. You need to focus on moving the color around, especially on the areas of the texture where you can push more color in. You can simply use the sponge and plastic wrap to play with the wash technique. By doing this, you will be able to get more textures.

Color wash painting techniques are quite easy for you to do on your own. The main reason is the technique is more acceptable for any mistakes. You just need to move the paint around until you get the look for your preference. Home owners are also able to use as many layers as they want. They can enjoy the process and get the new beautiful look.

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