How to Design a House Properly

A house is a place where you can feel comfortable and feels like you belong there. A house also supposed to show up the real you, it’s also supposed to be suited for both your needs and your taste. no wonder many people thinking about their house design very carefully. some people choose to seek help from the professional house designer but some others choose to Design a House by their own. Both are great to do, but if you really want to Design a House by yourself then there are several things that you’ll need to know before designing your house. That is why today we will give you some tips on how to Design a House that suited for both your taste and your needs.

Find out what you want

Everyone, including you surely have a certain architectural style that you really like, whether it’s Victorians, contemporary, traditional or even a unique looking house. All of them are stunning, so if you don’t know what architectural style you really want you can start by doing some research about it. You can either walk around your favorite neighborhood, there must be some reason why they become your favorite of all, right? Is it because the neat front yard? Or because it’s blended with nature? Either way it’s also important to think about it. Or if you can’t find something that you really like, just go surfing the internet, there you’ll find a lot of websites about house designing and maybe one of this house will suit your taste.

Attending an open house also a great idea to find out what you really want. When there is a house for sale or a new residential open they usually held an open house, use this opportunity to find out whether they suited your liking or not. Sometimes you may even find something new that you don’t know you’ll like before, it’s also great to find new ideas for your house latter. If it’s allowed takes some pictures, pictures can capture more details than what human eyes can see. You’ll probably realize it when you’re looking at the pictures you take earlier.

Write down what you needs

Well, suited your taste isn’t the only important things to consider, but you will also need to design a house that will suit your needs. First of all you’ll probably need to look at your family, how many members you have in your family? This will affect to how much room you’ll have and this will also affect the floor plans in the future. For example if you have a teenager in your family then probably you want that teenagers to have their own private place. So you’ll probably need to have a second story space. Then if you have a kid or dogs you’ll probably want a floor plans that give you a lot of space, kids love to runing around. With this you’ll probably also want a bigger front yard for your dog to run around and also for your kids to play outside.

Locations matter

Locations is even more important to think about. There are several things you’ll need to consider when choosing locations. For example if you had kids and they are going to school then you’ll probably want to choose a house that easier for them to commute to their school. Also if you are working you probably want to have a house that is near your workplace to make your commute to work shorter.

On the other side if you have a family member that constantly needs medical help quickly, then you probably want a house that’s easier to get into the hospital. Other things you’ll need to consider is the neighborhood itself, find out about the neighborhood you want before buying a house or land there. It could be a bad neighborhood, you’ll never know, so make sure you have some research before.

Interior is important

Of course the interior is very important during Designing a House. Why? Well, you didn’t live in the outside so obviously you’ll need to make the interior as comfortable as possible. There is one thing you’ll need to consider before designing your interior, that is to match it with your architectural style. For example a contemporary house will be perfect with modern furniture, and a Victorian house will be perfect with Victorian style furniture and so on, try to stick with one style.

The importance of interior is not only about the placement but the material you use is also important. For example if you had kids and pets then you’ll know that these two will be the source of food or vomiting spill on your floor, so it’s probably wise to choose flooring that easy to clean. Flooring like wooden flooring or ceramic tiles will do best for this situation. But if you want something that is more natural you can use stone flooring, although it’s not very easy to clean, so proceed at your own risk.

Choosing colors is also important. There are two kinds of people,those who paint their walls and those who prefer to use wallpaper. Both are fine choices, just make sure you match it with the theme you want to bring to your house. If you have a house that is too wide then using some dark accent colors will increase the comfortable feelings to your rooms. On the other side if you are having a small house then using brighter colors will increase the illusions of a bigger room and it will also get rid of the cramped feelings we got into smaller space.

Try to avoid using too much color for both rooms since it will give you more cramped feelings rather than adding some cheerful feelings. Of course this rule also applies to when you are choosing your furnitures, darker colors furnitures works really well to give a comfortable and homey feeling of wider space. But for smaller space using brighter colors furniture is probably more recommended than using darker one.

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