Idea of Bedroom Feature Walls

Many people consider bedroom as the most private space in their home. It is important for you to design your room in the most comfortable way so you can relax after a tiring day. In designing your bedroom, you should not only design your bedroom in a comfortable way but it is also important for you to add personality. A good method to execute this idea is by using bedroom feature walls. If you are planning to use bedroom feature walls, you should consider some of the aspects below.

Planning to add bedroom feature walls requires you to choose the right wall. This is considered as the first step in adding the feature wall. You need to choose the right wall to transform it into the feature wall. As the ideal option, you have to choose a solid wall without cupboards, windows, or doors. For bedroom areas, you should choose the wall which your bed head butts against the wall as this is where your eye is naturally drawn to. The most important thing is choosing the wall which catches the attention away when you are entering your bedroom.

When you are creating bedroom feature walls, there is more than one method which you can do. You have the option to use the painting method. If you are choosing this method, you need to paint the featured wall with different colors to all other walls. There are many color options available in the market. The most important thing is choosing the color which matches one another. You might want to choose bright colors like pearlescent finish, suede finish, pastels, metallic finish, and much more. You can also create murals or vertical and horizontal stripe patterns with your painting method. As another option, you can also apply interesting wallpaper on your featured wall. There are many wallpaper options available on the market. Choose the wallpaper which matches with your style and personality.

Bedroom Feature Walls

For the people who are looking for bedroom feature wall ideas, here are some recommendations. In finding the best idea for boys’ bedrooms, you are recommended to go with bold color for the feature walls. These colors include rich royal blue or lighter pastel blue. Your option is not limited to a blue color. You might want to go with bright colors like red or green. In finding the best bedroom feature walls ideas for a girls bedroom, pink always becomes a popular option. Do not limit yourself with this color. You can also try other colors like purples, baby blue, or light green color.

Bedroom feature walls ideas usually emphasizes in the individualistic. You can find the inspiration on the internet. Some colors which are used in teenagers rooms include red, dark purples, blacks, and greys. The main concept is the sophistication while keeping the fun. If you are designing bedroom feature walls for a couple, you need to create a comfortable and intimate feeling. Go with the red color which is not too bright. You can also choose some darker colors like aubergines, grey, olives, and pink. These colors will grab the feeling. However, you might also want to choose some bright colors like orange, aquamarine, turquoise, and much more.

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