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Modern Apartment Decor With Vivid Colors

With a strong modern style and vivid colors, this apartment gets interior attractive and full of life. This is an apartment located in New York, whose designer is Stefan Boublil of The Apartment signature. This is a small apartment design modern, inspiring interiors for home decoration, full of interesting details, and many and intense colors. Straight lines, style, modern and bright splashes of color, bathing the rooms on this floor, in addition to its comfortable and stylish spaces, have magnificent views.

Visual consistency and aesthetics of the rooms, is a point that favors the harmony of the environments. The rooms with walls painted in white pure, become the backdrop, a canvas that is ideal for freeing the imagination of the designer of this modern apartment. In the kitchen, and dining room, two features of this floor are communicated visually in the same space; have the roof and walls clad in polished concrete, which gives a current effect, wrapping the box formed by this space the house. In the rest of the rooms floor was used bleached pine, which is achieved by a colored light and soft to the pavement, allowing highlighting the furniture, and accessories.

Some special details that make this modern apartment , is the bookstore or library, made in solid walnut, home books, ornaments, adding a touch of color, more audio and video, but more interesting is the secret door built into the side. The colors are also present in children’s bedroom, where a cheerful and cool blue tone, bathes the lining of the furniture in this room. The furniture in the children’s rooms feature a trick, because the bed is retractable, i.e. you can hide, retiring to one of the walls, and extended for use at bedtime. With a combination of colors vibrant, the bathroom ceiling has been painted with a striking pattern that adds personality to the decoration of this space.

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