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Below are the websites and contact methods I use most often.  Please read at your leisure, and feel free to reach out to me via any of these venues (though, if you do want to get in touch, pay attention to which places I state as being active).

Roof Beam Reader: I do read all comments and try to respond to all of your questions. When I respond, I will reply in the comments to the same post or, if more appropriate, in an email or on your blog, depending on the subject matter and purpose of your comment to me. If you leave a comment on Roof Beam Reader, I will visit your blog and return the favor.

Commenting: I do comment on blogs and Twitter feeds which I find interesting/funny/helpful, etc.  Also, if you leave me a comment, either on my blog page or on a particular post (or on Twitter, GoodReads, etc.) I will always return the kindness.

E-Mail: I have a full-time job, which limits the amount of time I can spend answering e-mails or comments, but I DO answer.  If you visit my website and leave a comment with your Twitter and/or website address, I will visit you and do the same!

GoodReads, Library Thing, Shelfari, LivingSocial: I have accounts on GoodReads (RoofBeamReader), Library Thing (RoofBeamReader), and Shelfari. I am active regularly on (you will see my bookshelf and quotes box on my Home page are from so if you add me there, chances are you will be able to communicate with me, keep up with my reviews, etc.  I am also a member of a few reading groups and Author Blogs on GoodReads.  I am an Early Reviewer on Library Thing, but am not very active.  I hardly ever use Shelfari, as I moved the majority of my activity to GoodReads, but you can add me if you find me! I also use the “Visual Bookshelf” function of LivingSocial.

Twitter: I am fairly active on Twitter as @RoofBeamReader.  There is a link to my Twitter on my Home page, but if you use Twitter, I have no doubt that you already know how to “add” a follower.  At the moment, I do not have my posts private, so I do automatically accept followers.  If I find out that you are a Spammer/Bot, I will block and report you.  Otherwise, feel free to add me and @ reply/comment or DM me!

Ning Sites: I have an account awaiting approval at Book Blog.  You will (hopefully) be able to find me there under “Roof Beam Reader.”  I’m also a member, under the same name, at Book Town, Read Write Review, Booksaholic Anonymous, and other Ning networks. I have badges for each of my memberships on my blog – so please feel free to explore those.

Facebook: I have a Facebook account but it is currently kept private.  If I find a need arises to open a public account as “Roof Beam Reader,” I will certainly do so; but this is really up to you guys!