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Painting Over Laminate Flooring

How to paint over laminate? Laminate flooring does not always have the best reputation. That is because of several factors, including that laminate flooring does not help the resale of the house and sometimes can get holes and scratches in it. Painting over laminate flooring has been described as a long project too. Regardless of how hard painting a laminate floor is, contrary to popular belief a laminate floor can, as a matter of fact, be painted if one is incredibly patient and careful. Like any do-it-yourself project there are certain steps to take in order to avoid a failed and tacky-looking DIY job. It can be done, however, and here are the steps you must take:

The first step in how to paint over laminate is to first of all clean the laminate floor before beginning. Clear out any obstacles such as furniture, washing machines, or other such furnishing and clean the area with a mop of soap and water. The second step after a thorough cleaning would be to apply a special chemical to the surface, called Trisodium Phosphate. After this step in how to paint over laminate you will need to let it sit to dry and then go on to the next step.

You will need to sand over your floor after this step by applying a sander to the laminate flooring until the shine of the original floor is removed. For those who have some hesitation with using power tools remember that a sander is an easier tool to use. Simply apply some sandpaper to the sander and you are ready to begin sanding the floor. After this step in how to paint over laminate you should apply the primer over the laminate floor. Many individuals use multiple coats of primer on the floor in order to completely cover up the laminate flooring. Finally the last step is to apply the paint. Many individuals recommend that you paint more than one coach to offset the laminate pattern from showing through too much.

After an individual is done with applying all of the paint it is time to decorate the floor in any way that you choose. Many individuals add in colors such as blue and white, red and white, or even consider putting patterns along the edge of the new painted laminate floor. Since its your floor, you are the only one that can decide on this design.

Although this is a hard do it yourself project to conquer, hopefully this article has demonstrated that if you take all of the proper steps you would be able to paint over a laminate floor. Although this task is not necessarily the easiest project, it can be done if you are thorough. Just remember to do the necessary steps, including cleaning, sanding, repairing any holes, applying the Trisodium Phosphate, priming the floor, and finally painting the floor. In dealing with how to paint over a laminate floor these are the needed steps to take. How to paint over laminate will be easy after following the steps.

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