Popular Types of Indian Stone Paving

Indian stone paving, otherwise known as Indian sandstone paving, is commonly used in gardens throughout the country for patios and pathways. This is because of how strong and robust the material is, and also to do with how many different options the stone is available in. Today we are going to be looking into just some of the popular Indian sandstone paving options, to allow those considering purchasing it to enhance their outdoors spaces to make the greatest decision based upon their individual needs and requirements.

Raj Green Sandstone Paving: Raj green sandstone paving is possible the most common type of Indian stone paving chosen for gardens and patio areas. Boasting a natural surface and a combination of supple earthy hues including green, brown, grey and plum every piece of Indian sandstone varies from the next as with all other types of natural stone. This type of stone can transform outdoor areas into charming and character-packed havens.

Modac Sandstone Paving: Modac sandstone paving bursts with beautiful colours such as rich buff, plum and orange, all sitting harmoniously together. This paving is hand dressed meaning that all of the edges are squared off by hand providing every individual slab with a rustic and organic appearance and finish. This kind of stone paving is often used to create paths and look great alongside light grey grout which really makes every slab stand out and receive the recognition that they deserve.

Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving: Kandla grey sandstone pacing is often used by people looking to create modern and contemporary exteriors on a budget. This stone look amazing and near but does not cost a lot, making it an affordable choice for all. The slabs are grey in colour, both light and dark, often looking quite patchy with light veins that run across their surfaces.

Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving: Similar to raj green sandstone paving, autumn brown sandstone paving is also incredibly popular among household, with many people choosing it for their gardens and home exteriors. This earthy brown and grey natural stone is incredibly affordable and an options for almost everyone. To get the best appearance out of this natural stone type it should be laid with buff-coloured grout.

Sawn Mint Sandstone Paving: Those looking for a more refined finish for their patios or pathways should definitely consider using sawn mint sandstone pacing slabs. This kind of natural paving is a machine-cut version of natural sandstone which boasts a smooth and even surface – Looking incredibly modern, tidy and contemporary. These slabs are typically a medley of buff, yellow and beige tones and look great when placed next to greenery, plants and flowers.

These are only some of the available types of Indian stone paving too – As you can see there really are options for all. Purchasing stone paving can be a great investment; however those considering doing so must ensure that they choose the most appropriate stone types. We always advise people to visit a stone showroom before making any hasty decisions as this can ensure that no mistakes are made and that the most suitable and gorgeous stones are chosen.

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