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The Most Innovative Things Happening With Wooden Floors

There is a real trend in 21st Century housing, to open up the living space and create a multifunctional area which flows from use to use.  Flooring such an innovative space can be quite a challenge, as the old idea of using a simple oak flooring throughout the space can seem monotonous and boring.

There are some really great and different floorings becoming available that will buck this trend and give a home the true ‘wow’ factor.

Bole flooring makes you ask the question, ‘why are flooring planks cut to uniform shape?’  There is no doubt that this milling process wastes a huge amount of wood and creates a very predictable look.  Bole flooring uses the natural, growing shapes of the timbers to create floors where the joints are curved, gracefully reflecting the beautiful shapes of the growing tree.  They are skilfully engineered to interlock and can be used to move the eye from area to area in a modern, open plan interior.   The final result of Paving Stones is a graceful and organic look which easily reflects a simple, stylish home.

But this natural look is not going to be for everyone and there are alternatives available.

Copperage flooring uses recycled, used and aged staves from wooden barrels to create unique and beautiful flooring.  Here the lettering from the outside of the barrel can be incorporated into the design or the inside and outside surfaces of the barrels can be used to create contrasts as the inside section of each stave has been exposed to the liquids within the barrel and is stained and coloured as a result.  An absolutely fantastic look for anyone who is enthusiastic about wines and spirits or recycling!

Another great idea is the use of engraving and carving to change the surface of the planks and give a totally unique look.  Here the surface can be treated with a naturalistic overlay carving which serves to pull the look of the whole floor together and can be used to move the eye around the environment.  Alternatively, a more fun and child friendly approach is to use children’s drawing to carve into the surface, to create a lively and amusing effect for a special area or room.

Finally the use of smaller wooden elements, held together with resin if they are really small, or engineered to interlock for larger elements, provides the potential for an outstanding look.  Peach pit flooring originates from areas where stone fruits are grown commercially and the pits or stones area by-product of agriculture.  A great way to use resources creatively that results in a beautiful and durable surface.  Equally the cut ends of logs can be engineered to interlock, like irregularly shaped tiles,  giving a wonderful ‘Early American’ look to any interior.

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