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Tips On How to Install a Shower Pan

The shower pan has the function of collecting water from the shower. This is the shower part which might need to be replaced frequently. In installing or replacing the shower pan, you can ask for help from the contractor or you can do it on your own. People who have basic knowledge and experience in DIY projects will be able to perform this task on their own. When your shower pan is worn out, it is recommended for you to install a new and sturdy shower pan. Shower pans with a sturdier quality allows you to improve the life of the shower. It is also useful to prevent any water damage to the surrounding walls. If you are wondering on how to install a shower pan, here are some tips and steps which you can follow.

Tips on how to install a shower pan recommend you to purchase a premolded shower pan. This type of shower pan is the easiest to install. It is better for you to check the quality of products available on the market. Make sure you choose the shower pan which is the sturdiest in the price range according to your budget. You might need to ensure that the shower pan will not leak or allow any moisture into the drywall. After purchasing the best shower pan, you should purchase some mortar mix. You have to mix mortar in an adequate enough way to cover the floor where you will place the shower pan. You need to read the instructions which come with shower the pan to discover the thickness of the mortar.

The next step according to tips on how to install a shower pan is spreading the mortar evenly on the floor. When you are installing a premolded shower pan, you should remember that the required slope is already built into the pan. If there is none in the shower pan, you should create a gentle slope with the mortar. You have to allow the mortar to completely dry if you are using the membrane liner under the shower pan. Some manufacturers require you to lay a membrane liner on top of the mortar. After that, you need to lay another even layer of mortar onto the liner’s top.

shower pan liner

You need to lay the shower pan directly on the top of the mortar. Make sure you align the pan with the rest of the shower. In installing the shower pan, you have to ensure the fit is secure. This is important to ensure that no moisture is able to leak through. Lastly, you can screw the drain cover onto the shower pan. Based on tips on how to install a shower pan, you need to pay attention to some aspects during the installation process.

install the Shower pan liner

Before starting the installation process, you need to fix all the damages which might have occurred in your shower area. The damages are usually found under the floor and around the pan. If the damages are not too severe, they will be gone if you are replacing the shower pan. However, the damages can be worse if it has spread into the walls or ceilings. If that happens, you will need more money to install a new shower pan. For the people who are thinking about how to install a shower pan but do not have any DIY skills, you are recommended to contact a professional to perform the task.

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