Tips to Efficiently Use a Floor Buffing Machine

Not to be confused with an orbital polisher, a floor buffing machine is intended for commercial use. Think of it as a kind of sander that will wax and polish hard floors so that it has a shiny look. It can also strip older wax from floors so that a new layer may be applied. When used sloppily, it can lead to a scratch or damaged floor. When used correctly, you will always have a surface that looks brand-new to impress those that have to walk on it.

Push It at the Right Angle

A floor buffer is more controllable when it is away from the operator’s body and preferably at a 45-degree angle. Also be sure to utilize adjustable handles or grips to assure that pushing the thing fits the user’s arm structure.

Get a Good Grip

A floor buffing machine is no cake walk to handle for the untrained. You have to have a firm grip on the machine’s handles with both hands at all times. If you need to take a break, turn the machine off or an accident may occur.

Take Care of Those Pads

The pads at the bottom of the machine are crucial for maintaining friction against a slick floor. If there are obvious signs of wear, the pads should be replaced to prevent accidents.

Make Sure Your Buffing Method is Correct

Buffing should be done in a linear fashion in order to avoid accidents or inconsistent quality. The polish should also be distributed evenly so plan your movements ahead of time to do so. It would be a good idea to buff the floor from back to front to avoid redundant movements.

Use The Correct Cleaner

Certain floors will need different types of cleaners and it may vary in different conditions. Take into consideration the type of mess that is on the floor, the material of the floor itself, and the types of cleaners that you have at your disposal.

Check The Manual

There are a plethora of floor buffing machines that are available on the market so you should not assume that they are created equally. The instruction book may have specific instruction on how to operate and maintain the device for the sake of safety and its longevity. The included instruction manual should always be saved so that future users of the machine can reference it.

Clear The Room

A room should be completely cleared of obstacles like furniture or tools. Interrupting the machine by bumping into clutter will cause an uneven polish and may even damage something.

Using the tips above, your floor buffing sessions may be even more efficient at your job. Keep in mind that the incorrect usage of your machine can cause damage to the floors, which may also need costly repairs. Use it steadily and correctly to give your building a sparkling new floor every day.

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