Travertine Flooring Pros And Cons

In learning about travertine flooring pros and cons, you might want start with its advantages. Travertine is available in various colors which can match a multitude of color schemes. It has various hues ranging from light off to deep beige. You can also find travertine in different tile or slab styles. There is also a travertine which is available in natural bold color. Travertine has natural veining which gives it a unique pattern. Many people consider the variations in each stone make the flooring are aesthetically interesting.

Another advantage which you can enjoy from travertine material is it is simpler to fix. Some people stated that travertine is more beneficial than porcelain tile if you need to replace any pieces. It is because travertine can match better with existing floor tiles. It is known that porcelain tiles are more difficult to match up since they do not possess the natural variations of travertine. When you are reading the reviews about travertine flooring pros and cons, you might see many consumers have stated that travertine flooring is easy to install. Home owners are able to cut and shape travertine flooring easier than porcelain tile. As the result, they are able to fill in oddly shaped spaces and vary of the flooring’s pattern easier. Due to the same reason, travertine is better option for people who are beginners in laying tile flooring.

Travertine Flooring Cons

Travertine is much friendlier to the environment than porcelain tile. The main reason is travertine is natural material which does not experience any manufacturing process. For your information, the natural state of travertine has many holes starting small to large. The holes are filled in the factory to provide a smooth surface. However, the wear and tear can cause the filling material to wear away as the time goes by. When you are installing travertine flooring, you might need to maintain them by filling holes when they appear. It is done to keep the flooring in good condition. This is the first disadvantage which is stated by reviews on travertine flooring pros and cons.

Another disadvantage which is stated by reviews on travertine flooring pros and cons is the flooring can become etched if it comes in contact with acidic liquids such as vinegar, lemon, or orange juice. It might not be good option for a busy kitchen. If you accidentally spill acidic liquids on the floor, you need to clean the flooring as soon as possible. Many home owners in reviews of travertine flooring pros and cons stated that travertine is more expensive to lay since it is using multipurpose thinset to attach it to the substrate which is different from standard and less expensive thinset.

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